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London Bird Report

The London Bird Report is published annually and sent free to members. Current issues can be purchased separately. A standing order facility for receiving The London Naturalist and The London Bird Report on publication with an invoice is available.

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Editorial Correspondence

Full instructions to contributors are given inside the back cover of each journal. To enquire about submitting content for a future edition of a journal please email the editor: current details are given on the contact us page.

Photography Ethical Policy

The LHNS ethical policy for photographs can be found here.

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On this page, we have a selection of additional materials for the London Bird Report, including downloadable sample articles from past years, consolidated table of contents from 1936 onwards  and checklists for birds found here in London. 


Sample articles


Please find below a list of sample articles that were previously published in the London Bird Report in PDF format. 

A rare encounter over Bushy Park by Lewis Newman (2019)

The Peregrine Falcon in Inner London and factors affecting its existence in urban London by David Johnson (2014)

A Study of the Movements and Site Fidelity of Foreign Ringed Black-headed Gulls in St. James's Park, 1983-86 by A.P. Gosling (1985)

Bird Highlights at well-watched sites (2011) (PDF).


Special publications 


Please find below special, one-off publications associated with the London Bird Report:



Consolidated table of contents: 1936 to present


The consolidated table of contents contains the full contents of the London Bird Report, from 1936 to the latest issue. The Excel file is updated annually, and contains embedded links to issues digitised by and kept on the Biodiversity Heritage Library website. Printed back issues are also available.  


LNHS bird checklists, breeding criteria, indexes and gazetteers


Checklist of birds of the London area and guide to contributors

Breeding Records Criteria

Indexes of common and scientific names

Mini gazetteer of sites: 2020

Mini gazetteer of sites: 2021

LBC Gazetteer: 2021


Foreign-ringed Black-headed Gulls data


Foreign-ringed Black-headed Gulls 2013-2022

Foreign-ringed Black-headed Gulls 2021

Foreign-ringed Black-headed Gulls 2013-2018

Foreign-ringed Black-headed Gulls 2016

Foreign-ringed Black-headed Gulls 2015

Foreign-ringed Black-headed Gulls 2014

Foreign-ringed Black-headed Gulls 2013


LBR corrections


Every year, the LBR Editorial Board reviews comments received about the London Bird Report and incorporates any corrections in the electronic version. These corrected versions are linked here.

CorrectionSymbolThe corrected version includes this symbol adjacent to the highlighted original text where a correction has been made. When you pass the cursor over the symbol, a pop-up window will display the correct text. In a few cases the whole text may not fit in the window; by clicking on the symbol, the remaining text will be revealed.

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London Bird Report 2010

London Bird Report 1985: Peter Strangeman, the author of a paper in LBR No.50 for 1985, pages 170-186, brought to our attention some mistakes in his paper that he noticed some time ago. As many members may not possess a copy of this issue, the corrected paper has been reproduced in its entirety.




Ringing Report 2013

Ringing Report 2012

Ringing Report 2011

WeBS Counts in the London Area, 2011-12

WeBS Counts in the London Area, 2010-11

WeBS Counts in the London Area, 2009-10

North Kent Marshes field trips with Ken Palmer, 1976-2002 (2011) (Introduction, PDF data, spreadsheet data)