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London Natural History Society - The place for wildlife in London

About LNHS

London's biodiversity faces new challenges from climate change and development pressure. You can contribute to the conservation of wildlife in the London area by helping to record the changing fortunes of the many species that live here. Together with our historic records, this information will help us to tackle the conservation issues of the future.

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 The London Natural History Society comprises of a number active sections focusing on specific taxonomic groups or wildlife sites.

Below is a full list of the current Society officers and Recorders of the London Natural History Society. For details of how to contact the Society, please see our Contact Us page.

President and Honorary Vice-Presidents

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President: Vacant

Honorary Vice-Presidents: Anthony J. Barrett; David Bevan FLS; Rodney M. Burton MA, FLS; John A. Edgington PhD, FLS; Jan F. Hewlett PhD; David J. Montier, Colin Bowlt PhD, FLS, Helen Baker MBOU and R. John Swindells


The affairs of the Society are managed by Council, whose members are the President, Secretary and Treasurer, one representative from each section and ten elected representatives of members.

Society Officers for 2022

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Vice-Presidents: Mark Burgess, Colin W. Plant BSc, FRES, Pat J. Sellar BSc (Eng), FRGS, MBOU, Edward Tuddenham MD and Michael Wilsdon MBOU

Secretary: Annie Wilson

Treasurer: Michael West

Assistant Treasurer (Membership): Robin Blades

Section Representatives of Council: Liz Andrews (London Bird Club), Maureen Parry (Botany), Anke Marsh (Ecology & Entomology), VACANT (Bookham Common Survey), Kat Duke (Hampstead Heath Survey)

Elected Member Representatives of Council: Jan Hewlett, Ian Woodward, Robin Blades, David Bevan, Joanne Maddox, Peter Mantle, Noel Brock and Wendy Knight.

Administration and Finance Committee

  • Chair: Michael Wilsdon
  • Secretary: Jo Hatton
  • Members: David Howdon, Maria Roberts, Annie Wilson (LNHS Secretary), Michael West (LNHS Treasurer), Robin Blades, Mark Burgess, Kennedy Cruickshank

Independent Examiner: Meyer Williams

Conservation Officer: David Bevan FLS

Minuting Secretary (General Meetings): Angela Linnell

Library & Publications

Publications All except LBR
Librarian: Leslie Bolsover

Library Committee

  • Chair: John Swindells (Botany)
  • Secretary: Julie Berk 
  • Members: Mike West (LNHS Treasurer), John Boorman (LBC), Tristan Bantock (E&E), Andrew Planet (Botany)

Publication Sales: Catherine Schmitt

Editor, The London Naturalist: Clive Herbert

Editor, Newsletter: Mark Burgess

Programme coordinator: Amy Muyi Liu 

London Bird Report Editorial Board

Publication London Bird Reports
Chair of Editorial Board: VACANT

Data Manager: Roger Payne

Editors, Birds of the London Area: Derek Coleman, Sally MIddleton & Ian Woodward

Editor, Papers: Liz Andrew

Editor, Photographs: Jonathan Lethbridge

Editor, Remaining Sections: Pete Lambert and Mike Trier

Production Manager: Gus Wilson

Secretary of the LBR Editorial Board: Annie Wilson

Other members: John Archer, Bob Watts

Designers: Nigel Partridge and Mike Trier

Rarities Committee: see London Bird Club section below

Bird Recorders: see London Bird Club section below

London Bird Club

London Bird Club SQUARE
Chair: Gehan de Silva Wijeyeratne FLS

Committee Secretary: Cecilia Derrick

Treasurer: Nirma de Silva Wijeyeratne

Talks Organiser: Vacant (Contact chair) 

Field Meetings Organiser: Amy Muyi Liu

Chair of London Bird Report Editorial Board: See London Bird Report Editorial Board above

Reading Circle Secretary: Angela Linnell

Ringing enquiries: Daniel Whitelegg and Paul Roper

BTO North London Contact: Sabrina Schalz

BTO South London Contact: Richard Arnold

Committee: Sally Middleton, Liz Andrew and John Boorman

Twitter Master (@londonbirdclub): Donna Zimmer

Instagram Editor (@londonbirdclub): Pippa Jacks

Rarities Committee

  • Chair: Bob Watts
  • Committee: John Archer, Richard Bonser, Rob Innes, Sean Huggins, Andrew Moon, Andrew Self


  • London Recorder: Roger Payne
  • Buckinghamshire: Andrew Moon
  • Essex: Roy Woodward
  • Hertfordshire: Roger Payne
  • Inner London: Richard Bonser
  • Kent: John Archer
  • Middlesex: Sean Huggins
  • Surrey: Paul Goodman
Data Manager: Roger Payne


Branched Bur reed SQUARE
Committee meetings chair
: George Hounsome

Secretary: Andrew Planet

Meetings Secretary: Jon Agar

Committee: Mark Spencer, Andy Overall, John Skinner, Peter Howarth, Paul Bartlett PhD, Robin Blades,  Annie Chipchase, Ian Kitching, Wendy Knowles, Mario Maculan, Maureen Parry, Saba Rokni, Mary Clare Sheahan and John Swindells


  • Flowering Plants: Mark Spencer PhD FLS
  • Vascular Cryptogams (Ferns & Allies): Mark Spencer PhD FLS
  • Fungi: Andy Overall
  • Lichens: John Skinner
  • Bryophytes (Mosses & Liverworts): Peter Howarth

Ecology & Entomology

Four spot Orb weaver SQUARE
: Keiron Derek Brown

Secretary: Nathalie Mahieu PhD

Indoor Meetings Secretary: Vacant

Field Meetings Secretary: Tristan Bantock

Treasurer: David Greeno

Committee: Mick Massie, Stephanie Skipp


  • Mammals: Clive Herbert FLS
  • Reptiles and Amphibians: Tom Langton BSc
  • Isopoda (Woodlice & Waterlice): VACANT
  • Chilopoda (Centipedes): Jaromir Papez
  • Diplopoda (Millipedes): VACANT
  • Araneae (Spiders): J. Edward Milner BSc
  • Opiliones & Pseudoscorpionidae (Harvestmen & False Scorpions): VACANT
  • Coleoptera - Carabidae & Coccinellidae (Ground Beetles & Ladybirds): Paul Mabbott BSc
  • Coleoptera - Cantharidae (Soldier Beetles & Allies): Stephanie Skipp
  • Coleoptera - Chrysomelidae (Leaf Beetles): Michael Geiser
  • Coleoptera (all other beetles): VACANT
  • Hemiptera (True Bugs): Tristan Bantock
  • Hymenoptera (Ants): Mike Fox
  • Hymenoptera (Bees & Wasps): Tony Madgwick
  • Diptera (True Flies): Linda Pryke
  • Lepidoptera - Butterflies: Leslie Williams
  • Lepidoptera - Moths: Colin W. Plant BSc
  • Neuroptera (Lacewings & Allies): Colin W. Plant BSc
  • Orthoptera (Grasshoppers & Crickets): Sarah Barnes
  • Odonata (Dragonflies & Damselflies): Neil Anderson BSc
  • Riverflies (Mayflies, Stoneflies and Caddisflies): VACANT
  • Oligochaeta - Earthworms: Keiron Derek Brown
  • Molluscs: VACANT
  • Plant Galls: Tommy Root

Bookham Common Survey


Hampstead Heath Survey

Hampstead Heath earthworm surveying SQUARE
Chair: Liz Andrew

Secretary: Jeff Waage

Committee: Prof. Jeff Duckett, Kat Duke, John Egginton, Jo Maddox and Pete Mantle 









Virtual Talks


Committee: Maria Roberts, Anke Marsh and Keiron Derek Brown 


Website management


Webmaster: Anke Marsh

Content editors: Anke Marsh and Keiron Derek Brown