London Natural History Society The place for wildlife in London

London Natural History Society - The place for wildlife in London


There are some fantastic places for wildlife in the London area. Take a look at these descriptions to see where you can go and what you might see.

Beddington Farmlands is one of the best known birdwatching sites in Greater London. With an ornithological history stretching back over a century, the mosaic of habitats, together with various forms of sewage treatment that have taken place on the site, have acted as a magnet for birds and birdwatchers alike.

Large-scale changes in land use over the last hundred years or so have seen bird populations swell and contract, and transformed the site beyond all recognition. Advancing urbanisation and rapid industrialisation of the surrounding area continue to place enourmous pressures on the Farm, but at the same time have increased the site’s importance as a place where, with careful management, biodiversity can continue to thrive and people can visit to connect with nature.

The wildlife communities present at Beddington Farmlands are some of the most important in the London area and naturalists and birders have been visiting Beddington Farmlands for around 80 years.

258 species of bird have been being recorded, 476 species of moth, 9 species of bat, over 300 species of plants and hundreds of invertebrates – with over 350 species of fly recorded, including the discovery of a species that was considered extinct.


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