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London Natural History Society - The place for wildlife in London

LNHS Recorders

A full list of the LNHS recorders for different taxonomic groups (or geographic areas for birds) can be found on the Who We Are page and contact details can be found on the Contact Us page.

Biodiversity Heritage Library holdingsBack issues of the London Naturalist (and its predecessors from 1898 onwards) and the London Bird Report are now freely available online through the Biodiversity Heritage Library. A summary of the holdings for each publication may be accessed via the links below:

Searching publications on the Biodiversity Heritage Library

BHL Combined
To make a detailed search of the holdings:
  • Click on the “Advanced Search” tab and enter “London Naturalist” in the “Title” Box.
  • Check the “Exact Phrase” button.
  • Enter your search term in the “Text” box, this can be an author name, a species or any other phrase relevant to your search.
  • You can also specify a year in the “Year” box.

The contents have not been fully indexed, which is why you should search for authors and subjects as text entries.

List of bird articles

Our online file LBR 1936-2018 Contents includes direct links to each year that has been digitised, including (on a separate worksheet) the Transactions of the LNHS and London Natuarist years that include records or papers about birds (i.e. those that precede the London Bird Report).

The links are in the year column and are highlighted in green (TLNHS and LN) and blue (LBR). Here is an example:

LBR2018 Downloads sub page Contents spreadsheet screen pull 1

For examples of why you might want to explore the digitised journals, see the paper 'Exploring Digital Copies of the LBR' by Pete Lambert in LBR No.84 for 2019, due to be published in May 2021.