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The London Naturalist

The London Naturalist is published annually and sent free to members. Current issues can be purchased separately. A standing order facility for receiving The London Naturalist and The London Bird Report on publication with an invoice is available.

For details of availability and cost of current and back issues see "Buying back issues" in the menu below.

For online access to historical editions and the predecessor publications  (from 1896 onwards) see "Biodiversity Heritage Library" in the menu below.

Editorial Correspondence

Full instructions to contributors are given inside the back cover of each journal. To enquire about submitting content for a future edition of a journal please email the editor: current details are given on the contact us page.

Photography Ethical Policy

The LHNS ethical policy for photographs can be found here.

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The full searchable text of the London Naturalist up to No 80, 2000, together with its predecessors from 1896 onwards, is now online at the Biodiversity Heritage Library.  BHL Combined

The London Naturalist editions run from 1921 to 2000. The summary page is here.

The immediate predecessor is Transactions of the London Natural History Society (1914 to 1920). The summary page is here

The antecedent of the latter is Transactions of the City of London Entomological & Natural History Society (1898 to 1913).  The summary page is here


Search Advice

To search text in the LN pages click on ADVANCED LINK  (top left of page). Then enter London Naturalist in the title and click on the Exact Phrase option. Skip the rest of the fields until the text field. e.g. enter "rare sawfly" and again click on Exact Phrase option. Click on search gives two hits.
Searching for scientific names is more straightforward. Click on the rightmost tab for Scientific Names and enter e.g. Pteronidea spiraeae. Hits include the LN 1926 article. There is no way to restrict the search by publication other than using a spreadsheet program to refine the search.