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Wood Warbler SQUAREMany of you have watched the talk that I gave for the LNHS last November on Hawfinches and Goshawks in Sussex.

I thought you’d like to know that the SOS (Sussex Ornithology Society) is running a series of virtual talks that started with four talks in January 2021 and 5 more scheduled during February to March, with more to follow.

The first four formed the main part of our Annual Conference and the other five can be booked via the SOS Eventbrite webpage.

Honey Buzzard SQUAREWednesday 10th February 7-8pm
Autumn Bird Migration in Sussex. Matt Eade.

Wednesday 17th February 7-8pm
Wild New Forest. Marcus Ward, Director of Wild New Forest CIC.

Wednesday 24th February 7-8pm
Saving Sussex’s Swifts. David Campbell, SOS Swift Champion.

Wednesday 3rd March 7-8pm
Henfield: a Sussex Village and its Birds. Mike Russell, Chair, SOS.

Wednesday 10th March 7-8pm
A Taste of Honey: an introduction to the Honey-buzzard. Mark Mallalieu, County Recorder, SOS.

Yellow browed Warbler WIDESCREEN

Catch up with previous talks

The first 4 virtual talks in the SOS programme were part of the SOS Annual Conference and now the recordings can be viewed below.

Saturday 30th January 7-9pm

  • Global citizens: Migratory Shorebirds Uniting Flyways Around the World. Samantha Franks, BTO.
  • Inglorious Bustards, Flyway Birding at the Straits of Gibraltar. Simon Tonkin & Niki Williamson.


Sunday 31st January 7-9pm

  • Creating the next generation of naturalists: The Cameron Bespolka Trust. Mya Bambrick.
  • Inclusivity in the World of Birding. Nadia Shaikh, RSPB


Author: Mark Mallalieu, County Recorder & Chair of Scientific Committee, Sussex Ornithological Society

Date published: 04/02/2021