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London Natural History Society - The place for wildlife in London


Birch Mazegill SQUAREThe 2021 virtual talk series included topics across all sections of the society, including botany, ornithology and entomology. 

The first talk of the year, Trees and Fungi with David Humphries, was a record breaker with over 400 people in attendance of the live event.

The Ecology and Conservation Studies Society teamed up with LNHS to host a series of Gardening For Wildlife talks, including talks on bird and invertebrates.

ZSL have also partnered up with us to bring you talks on monitoring riverflies to assess pollution, how they use "CSI" techniques to udnerstand cetacean strandings and a recording scheme monitoring hedgehogs in London.


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07/01/21 Trees & Fungi David Humphries, City of London
21/01/21 Introduction to Plant Galls James Heal, Wren Conservation Group
04/02/21 Bird Flight & Co-operative Aerodynamics Steve Portugal
18/02/21 Riverfly Monitoring in Greater London Joe Pecorelli, Zoological Society of London
04/03/21 Nesting Birds on Hampstead Heath Jeff Waage, London Natural History Society
18/03/21 Urban Foxes Prof. Dawn Scott, Keele University
01/04/21 Bats in Churches Claire Boothby, Bats in Churches Partnership
15/04/21 When Will It Flower? Plants & Climate Change Alistair Fitter
29/04/21 London HogWatch Chris Carbone, Zoological Society of London
13/05/21 The Earliest Botanic Gardens of the Middle East Shahina Ghazanfar, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew
27/05/21 The Globe-trotting Plant Genus Nicotiana (Tobacco) Mark Chase
10/06/21 Are Gardens Good For Birds? Mike Toms (joint event with Ecology & Conservation Studies Society)
24/06/21 CSI of the Sea - What Causes Cetacean Strandings? Rob Deaville, Zoological Society of London
08/07/21 Bird Census Methods for Gardens: A 30-year study Dave Dawson (joint event with Ecology & Conservation Studies Society)
22/07/21 Oyster Restoration in the UK: Restoring a forgotten ecosystem Celine Gamble, Zoological Society of London
05/08/21 Gardening For Wildlife: The Sheffield BUGS Project Ken Thompson (joint event with Ecology & Conservation Studies Society)
19/08/21 The Wildlife of Copped Hall Gardens & Epping Forest Peter Warne 
02/09/21 Introducing Gilbert Whit: Life, Work & Legacy Maria Roberts, London Natural History Society
16/09/21 Blue Whales of the World - And Closer To Home Susannah Calderan
30/09/21 Kittiwakes on Lundy Kirsty Neller
14/10/21 Gardening For Earthworms Keiron Derek Brown, Earthworm Society of Britain
28/10/21 Managing Landscapes for Wildlife: Lessons from Australia Lizzy Crotty
04/11/21 Beavers in London? Elliot Newton, Citizen Zoo
11/11/21 Wildlife Monitoring on Hampstead Heath Rory Dimond, Heath Hands
18/11/21 London's Changing Flora: Climate change or changing habits? Mark Spencer, London Natural History Society
25/11/21 RSPB Rainham Marshes - It's not just about the birds Howard Vaughan, RSPB
09/12/21 Beneath its Murky Waters: Fish of the Tidal Thames Thea Cox & Hannah McCormick, Zoological Society of London

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Author: Keiron Derek Brown

Date published: 07/01/2021 / Last updated: 20/12/2021