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Whilst our field and indoor meetings are on hold, we would like to encourage members to participate in other ways. Therefore, LNHS are launching some monthly activities for our members and we encourage everyone to take part. We have 2 different projects for September and members are welcome to take part in either or both of these!

Natural History Photos

Quercus robur SQUAREWe’d like you to choose a photograph that you’ve taken in the last 12 months and post it to the Facebook page to share with others. It can be of a bird, a plant, an invertebrate, a mammal, a reptile, an amphibian, or a fungus etc … and mobile phone photos are fine. Add a short description or comment to go with it. Don’t forget to look at other people’s photos as well. The deadline for submitting a photo is 30 September.

We know not all members follow the LNHS on Facebook so now might be a good time to sign up (instructions below for those not familiar with Facebook).

Step 1 - Sign up to Facebook (if you don't already have an account)

1. Go to and click Create New Account.
2. Enter your details.
3. Click Sign Up.
4. To finish creating your account, you need to confirm your email (or mobile phone number).

Step 2 - Follow the LNHS Facebook Page to see what we are posting about

5. Go to the LNHS Facebook page: (if you're not logged in, Facebook will ask you to do so)
6. Select the 'Like' button (it has thumbs up icon)

Step 3 - Join the LNHS Facebook Group

7. Go to the LNHS Facebook Group: (if you're not logged in, Facebook will ask you to do so)
8. Click Join Group - remember to answer the questions (there is no right or wrong answer to these - it's just to help us keep spammers out of the group)
9. Once your request is approved, you’ll be notified that you’ve become a member (please note that the administrators are volunteers so it can sometimes take a short while for your request to be approved).

Step 4 - Get posting those photos! You're now able to post within the group and interact on other member's posts.


Butterfly Survey

Brimstone SQUARE 2Record any butterflies you find during September.

If you are already submitting butterfly records, submit these as usual with your other records. If not, you have a couple of options:

1. You can submit records, including a photo of your sighting if you have one, through the LNHS iRecord Activity:

Not sure how to use iRecord? Come to our free virtual talk on this on 17th Septbmber 2020 at 18:30 to find out more - Book via Eventbrite

2. If you are recording the butterflies in your garden you could take part in the Butterfly Conservation Garden Butterfly Survey, which runs through the year. You will need to go to the webpage and create an account.

Please only submit your records in one place so you don’t create duplicates. But you can comment on any interesting findings in the LNHS Facebook group.

Author: Maria Roberts
Date Published: 05/09/2020