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London Natural History Society - The place for wildlife in London

Grey Squirrel SQUAREMammals are one of the best known and most loved groups of animal found in London gardens. What's more, you don't need specialist skills to identify many of them... hedgehogs, badgers, grey squirrels and foxes are all great examples of iconic garden mammals that are easy to identify.

Despite an abundance of people to potentially submit records, mammals are still under-recorded across London. The hedgehog, which has seen dramatic national declines in recent times, is now much more elusive in London and every record is important to inform efforts to conserve  and better connect the current population. A common misconception is that because an animal is commonly seen it must be well recorded, so reporting sightings of foxes and grey squirrels is still important.

How to get involved?

We're asking Londoners to take a photo of the mammals found in their garden (wild animals only please, no domestic pets or livestock) and send in their records so that we can improve our record holdings.

We will happily take records of nay species that can be identified but are particualrly keen to hear about any sightings of the following garden mammals:

  • Badger
  • Grey Squirrel
  • Hedgehog
  • Red Fox

To take part simply upload your photo and fill in a few details to our iRecord activity:


Author: Keiron Derek Brown

Date published: 26/07/2020