London Natural History Society The place for wildlife in London

London Natural History Society - The place for wildlife in London

Chair of Editorial Board: Pete Lambert

To oversee progress in line with the proposed production schedule; and to manage deadlines and contributions from authors, editors and other contributors.

Photographic Editor: Jonathan Lethbridge

To be responsible for all aspects of the photographic section within the main part of the LBR, and also the covers.

Chair of Rarities Committee: Bob Watts

To review the process of authentication of rarities so as to streamline it and make it much more efficient.

Papers Editor: Mike Trier

To commission and edit papers, and produce graphics as required.

Designer: Mike Trier with Nigel Partridge

To commission and lay out illustrations within the systematic list and within other sections if/as appropriate; to liaise with other members of the Editorial Board on design matters as required; and to produce press-ready PDFs of the report to send to the printers.

Production Manager: Gus Wilson

To keep the publication on budget (as set by the LNHS Administration and Finance Committee); to research quotes from different printers for printing the journal to our specification from supplied press-ready PDF files; to liaise with the Society's Treasurer, the Chair of the Editorial Board and the Designer in selecting a suitable printer.